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4.23.18 9:04 am

by Larry Jock

*** Our first issue hits the streets on May 2nd, so if you have any pictures of catches since January 1st that you want to submit, you can email them to coastalfisherman@comcast.net. Please send the pictures at the largest size possible and include the following information: Angler name, fish caught, location, size, bait, names of anyone else in picture. Pictures don't have to be of catches caught in local waters. If you took a winter fishing trip, send in the picture and we will do our best to get it in for you.

SUNDAY, April 22, 2018

Anglers on the charter boat "Fish Bound" returned with some nice size tog from 40 feet of water. The largest was a 16 pounder caught by Eddie Santiago in 80-feet of water near "B" Buoy. Eddie who also released a female tog estimated at over 20 lbs. There were also a couple of 14 pounders caught by Ray Muiz and Augie Gee.

Short stripers were caught by the Rt. 90 and Rt. 50 Bridges. Fish were in the 15 to 17-inch range.

A group of Ocean City anglers on the "G-FORCE" ventured over to Tangier Sound and caught 4 stripers between 43 and 48-inches.

Tim and Tyler Tribbitt heading down to a Virginia barrier island and hooked into some nice size red and black drum. Their largest were a 63 lb. black drum and a 47-inch red drum that was released. All caught on peelers and clams.

Some flounder were caught this weekend by slow trollers over the Thorofare flats.

Plenty of short tautog were found on the Purnell Reef.

Anglers on the 'Sweetie" went to the African Queen and caught tautog weighing up to 12 lbs. and a fair amount of nice size sea bass that were released.

FRIDAY, April 20, 2018

11:29 AM - Delaware just announced that they are taking minimum flounder size down to 16 1/2-inches. See Breaking News section.

THURSDAY, April 19, 2018

3:00 PM - Allen Sklar stopped by the office to have his picture taken with the 30-inch black drum he caught this morning while surfcasting off Assateague Island. Allen used a sand flea to fool the black drum.

WEDNESDAY, April 18, 2018

1:20 PM - Angler Mike Johnston on the "Hell Bent" was slow trolling a white Gulp artificial bait across the Thorofare flats this morning and hooked a 19 1/2-inch flounder. Mike was joined by fellow angler Jeremy Hale.

8:05 PM - It wasn’t a very pretty day in the ocean but that didn’t stop anglers on the “Fish Bound” from returning with 5 tog in the box. Largest weighed 23 lbs. 9 oz. Next heaviest was a 14 pounder. All caught in 100+ feet of water on green crabs.

MONDAY, April 16, 2018

9:51 AM - Another absolutely crappy day in Ocean City. Windy and there was a lot of rain last night into this morning.

I received an email from a reader asking me to alert everyone that the markers in the West Channel are "WAY off". They are around 100 yards east of where they are supposed to be.

10:40 AM - I am hearing that there is still a chance that we will go to 72-inches for the minimum size on mako sharks this season. Currently, it stands at 83-inches.

SATURDAY, April 14, 2018

It was another breezy day in Ocean City, but not as bad as it has been. The ocean was R-O-U-G-H. Some anglers were able to hit the Thorofare flats for some flounder fishing.

Mike Tuel caught the first flounder of the season while fishing with Chris Tilghman, north of the Thorofare flats. Used a bucktail and minnow. Fish measured 18.5-inches.

John Meyers was slow trolling on the Thorofare flats and caught a 17-inch flounder while fishing with Travis Brown. "Hoss" used a chartreuse Gulp to fool the 2nd flattie caught this season.

WEDNESDAY, April 11, 2018

4:42 PM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" just returned with 22 tautog in the box, weighing up to 19.9 lbs. They also released a bunch of other togs during the trip including another female that weighed close to 20 lbs. All were caught on green crabs in 44-degree water.

Commercial netters continue to have good results right off the Ocean City surf. Fish are good size, with averages in the 26 to 28 lb. range. Fish are tight so surfcasters should be getting into them.

TUESDAY, April 10, 2018

9:08 AM - Received a report this morning that good size stripers are right off the Ocean City coast and in the surf.

MONDAY, April 9, 2018

10:00 AM - Another beautiful day in Ocean City... NOT! It's just been a horrible spring and it certainly isn't helping with water temperatures.

I did hear that the commercial netters really got into the striped bass late last week but had to head far south to get them.

I also heard from the owner of the headboat, "Judith M". They are looking for part-time relief captains. If you are interested, call Capt. John Bunting at 410-726-8439.

3:26 PM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" returned with their limit of 24 tautog caught on clams and green crabs in 45-feet of water. They also released a bunch of female tog that are getting ready to spawn. The largest fish of the day weighed 14 lbs.

FRIDAY, April 6, 2018

10:33 AM - Capt. Monty Hawkins on the headboat, "Morning Star" stopped in the office today and said that he is looking for a full-time mate this season. If interested, stop by the boat at the Ocean City Fishing Center or email Capt. Monty at mhawkins@morningstarfishing.com.

3:46 PM - if you are looking for some catch and release action you can find some short stripers around the Rt. 90 Bridge.

THURSDAY, April 5, 2018

9:37 AM - I received a report this morning from an angler who was watching bluefish run bait up onto the sandbars south of the Rt. 50 Bridge. One diving bird came up with a bluefish that he said looked to be in the 16-inch range.

Hopefully, we will start to see stripers moving up the coast. It is getting around that time and I heard that the commercial netters are already starting to set their gear just off the coast.

Two days ago, anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" fished in 40-feet of water and caught some nice size tautog. David Jones caught an 11 pounder on clams. Bill Pissaro caught and released a 14 pounder that also was fooled with a chunk of clam. Water temps were in the 41-42 degree range.

WEDNESDAY, April 4, 2018

10:31 AM - It should be noted that there is a difference between the Maryland and Federal cobia regulations, but for those heading back to a Maryland dock, you will need to follow the Maryland regulations since that is where the fish is landed. Federal regulations right now are for a 36-inch fish (fork length) with 1 fish per person/day or up to 6 fish per day/boat, whichever is most restrictive.

TUESDAY, April 3, 2018

12:00 PM - See Breaking News section for MD Public Notice on tautog regs.

4:00 PM - See Breaking News section for 2018 cobia regulations. Looks like the feds required Maryland to enact cobia regulations and they are now the same as Virginia's.

MONDAY, April 2, 2018

For those of you who are looking forward to striper fishing in Maryland's portion of the Chesapeake Bay an its tidal tributaries, the fishing season opens at 5:00 AM on April 21st and continues through midnight on May 15th. The catch limit is 1 fish per person/perday with a size limit of 35 inches or larger. Sizes and creels will change on May 16th and the entire MD portion of the bay and tributaries will open on June 1st with the MD Fisheries Service looking to advance emergency regulations that would decrease the minimum size from 20-inches to 19-inches. This emergency action would not affect the spring season.

THURSDAY, March 29, 2018

On Wednesday, the US Court of Special Appeals ruled in favor of the White Marlin Open, ending the appeal by Phil Heasley, angler and owner of the Kalliannasa, regarding their disqualification from the 2016 White Marlin Open. The $2,800,000 in award money will be split between other category winners with over $2,000,000 going to the crew on the "Hubris". See story in Breaking News section.

WEDNESDAY, March 28, 2018

Received a report yesterday from angler, Rich Bell who saw the birds diving just off our coast. He said that he witnessed 2 birds dive and come to the beach with fish in their mouth. One had a bluefish and the other had a large bunker. The bluefish was around 16-inches.

MONDAY, March 26, 2018

Maryland officially set the 2018 flounder regs. They liberalized the minimum size, taking it to 16.5-inches. Creel is still 4 fish per person. See "Breaking News" section for press release.

Over the weekend, I received several reports of incredibly large flocks of gannets bombing the waters just off the beach in Ocean City. Nobody was fishing underneath, so nobody is sure of what they were diving on. Bets are they were schools of bunker.

TUESDAY, March 20, 2018

A new tuna calcutta has been added to the White Marlin Open. Check out Breaking News section.

A few boats have ventured out recently in search of tog and found very cold water conditions with temps hovering aound 40-degrees.. However, some nice fish were boated. An angler on the "Fish Bound" caught a 15 pounder a couple of days ago.

Yesterday, 5 anglers on the "Fish Bound" ended their day with 14 tog in the box.

WEDNESDAY, March 14, 2018

See changes to tuna regulations in Breaking News section

WEDNESDAY, March 7, 2017

I spoke to a representative from the MD DNR yesterday and they hadn't heard any rumblings about NOAA considering going to 72-inches on mako sharks but there is a meeting today so maybe something will come out of it today.. Stay tuned.

NOAA released their final summary for 2017 blufin tuna. Here are the recreational angler numbers:

# of bluefin tuna landings = 5,256 fish
total weight of landings = 141.8 metric tons (312,615 lbs)
2017 Quota = 195.2 metic tons (430,342 lbs)
% of 2017 quota caught = 72.6%

TUESDAY, March 6, 2018

With the unfortunate circumstances at the MSSA, and their future being in jeopardy, a new organization has stepped up to launch a new rockfish tornament this spring. The Chesapeake Bay Sportfishing Association will hold the tournament on May 5th & 6th with weigh stations at Calvert Marina, Herrington Harbor South, Sandy Point State Park and Knapps Narrow Marina. Entry fee is only $250 per boat with 60% of entry fees and 80% of added entries being paid to tournament winners. For more information, you can email Joe Thorpe at JThorpe@cbsfa.club or call 410-868-5488

MONDAY, March 5, 2018

I am hearing rumblings that NOAA is considering lightning up on the minimum size for mako sharks this season. Their Emergency Announcement took the minimum size from 54 to 83 inches but they may go to 72 inches. Haven't confirmed. Stay tuned.

Also heard Mako Mania will be increasing calcuttas for Mako Release Category.

THURSDAY, March 1, 2018

NOAA Will be initiating a couple of emergency measures, one of which will impact recreational anglers. They will be increasing the minimum size for both male and female shortfin makos to 83 inches. The emergency measure goes into effect tomorrow and will last 180 days with an option to extend it for a year. See the breaking news section on this website for more details.

THURSDAY, February 22, 2018

MD announced that recreational sea bass is closed from March 1st through May 15th. See Breaking News section.

TUESDAY, February 20, 2017

Some good news has come out regarding the offshore wind farms that are going to be built off the coast of Ocean City. It appears that there will not be any zones around the turbines where fishing will not be allowed. This is great news for fishermen since these turbines will act as 125 reefsites. See Breaking News section for FAQ's on the wind farm.

WEDNESDAY, February 14, 2018

Some good news for local anglers. It looks like there is an outstanding chance that Maryland and Delaware will change their flounder regulations for the upcoming season. Looks like we will go to a 16 1/2-inch fish with 4 per person. Stay tuned.

MONDAY, February 12, 2018

Just a reminder that there are some regulation changes that are out for Public Comment:

Blueline Tilefish - Season runs from 5/1 to 10/31. Private boats anglers can keep 3 fish per person per trip. Charter boats (with tilefish permit) anglers can keep 5 fish per person per trip. Inspected (greater than 6 anglers) charter boats (with tilefish permit) can keep 7 fish per person per trip. Public comment period ends on February 18th. Submit comments to fisheriespubliccomment.dnr@maryland.gov

Tautog - Jan 1 to May 15 (4 fish per person), May 16 to June 30 (closed), July 1 to Oct 31 (2 fish per person), Nov 1 to Dec 31 (4 fish per person). . Public comment period ends on February 18th. Submit comments to fisheriespubliccomment.dnr@maryland.gov

Cobia - Maryland plans to match Virginia regulations. VA is considering a minimum size limit of 40-inches total length with a bag limit of 1 fish per person and a daily vessel limit of 3 or 4 fish per person. There are multiple seasons under consideration, starting no earlier than May 15th and ending no later than Sept 30th. Virginia's meeting is March 27th. MD's public notice is expected to got out sometime in April. . Public comment period ends on February 20th. Submit comments to fisheriespubliccomment.dnr@maryland.gov

THURSDAY, January 25, 2018

If you don't live along the Delmarva coast and are looking for the Winter Issue of the Coastal Fisherman, you can find them at a couple of locations across or near the Bay Bridge.

At this weekend's Baltimore Boat Show, you can find papers at the North Bay Marina Booth (G 21) and the MSSA booth. North Bay Marina has the most papers, but they move fast so go see Tommy Fowler and he will hook you up.

We also dropped some papers at the Anglers Sport Center and also with Dave Tolbert at Island Tackle Outfitters, both in Annapolis, MD.

MONDAY, January 8, 2018

Tonight there will be a meeting at the Ocean Pines Library where the ASMFC is seeking input on the 2018 black sea bass proposals. The meeting is at 5:30 PM. Before the meeting starting at 5:00 PM, there will be a brief meeting to discuss 2018 flounder regulations and the non-preferred taking of Maryland's minimum size to 19-inches should NMFS not approve the coastwide conservation equivalency measures. I'm a little confused by this since Maryland has already issued a press release stating their 2018 flounder regulations which were going to stay the same as what we had in 2017.

1:38 PM - UPDATE - The meeting mentioned above concerning sea bass and flounder has been rescheduled for this Thursday. Still meeting at the Ocean Pines Library. Flounder discussion starts at 5pm followed by sea bass at 6pm.

MONDAY, January, 1, 2018

Happy New Year everyone! The Winter Issue is on the street, so pick one up at your favorite location. We will also be at the shows in Harrisburg, Baltimore, Atlantic City, Ocean City and several other regional shows.

Don't forget that black sea bass season is CLOSED right now. Tog season is back open.

Unfortunately, striper fishing has not been good. Not many fish have been found inside the 3-mile line and now Mother Nature has thrown us a curveball with this cold and windy weather. The only silver lining in this dark cloud is that water temps were still in the mid-40's so hopefully this cold spell won't drop them too low and too fast.

FRIDAY, December 29, 2017

There hasn't been a whole lot to report, unfortunately. When anglers could break the inlet, striper fishing was slim. Not many are having luck north of the OC Inlet. It seems like the big schools of fish are cruising by us outside the 3-mile line that should be abolished! How the feds can close a fishery based on science BUT not open it based on science is beyond me and I see no indication that they are even considering, or at least analyzing, whether the EEZ should be reopened to striper fishing.

Luckily, we have some room, water temperature-wise, since the ocean (before the recent 2-day cold streak) was still at 47-48 degrees.

FRIDAY, December 22, 2017

It was a beautiful day in the ocean today. Looks like it is our last one until Wednesday morning.

Stripers were caught a few miles off Fenwick and south of the Inlet. Definitely better bird action to the south.

Good number of stripers were caught today up and down the line. Stripers looked like they were hugging the 3-mile line. Fish were caught by trollers and by anglers casting to fish on top.

Capt. Chris Mizurak on the "Angler" reported a nice day of fishing with a mix of sea. Bass up to 3 lbs., flounder up to 5.5 lbs. and even bluefish up to 12 ls. All caught on squid on an ocean wreck.

Nick Ager was fishing from the beach right next to the North Jetty. Hooked several stripers on white gulps.

John Rogowitz and Scott White caught their limit of stripers at the Sliver while trolling mojos.

THURSDAY, December 21, 2017

2:00 PM - It sounds like it was a slow morning of striper fishing off our coast, but I just received a report that they are being caught 2-miles outside the Ocean City Inlet.

5:43 PM - There was a good striper bite right outside the Ocean City Inlet today on the 2 mile line. Good size fish caught on the troll. Best bite looked like it was early afternoon.

Joe Hurley caught the biggest striper we have seen so far this year. Joe's fish measured 49-inches and weighed 47 lbs. Caught straight out from OC Inlet on 2 mile line. Joe and his dad, Pat Hurley had 3 fish. Their other two fish each measured 36 inches and weighed 34 lbs. and 42 lbs.

Stripers were also caught off Indian River and Fenwick. It was a mix of really good size fish and smaller stripers.

WEDNESDAY, December 20, 2017

It looks like we are finally seeing some life for the striper season. Fish have been caught outside the Indian River Inlet. There was a good bite off Fenwick Island today and also just above Little Gull Shoal right on the 3-mile line.

John, Zack and Alex Morton caught a pair of stripers, measuring 37" and 40" while trolling Smiling Jack tandems just north of Little Gull Shoal. They also release 10 slot fish measuring between 39 and 43-inches.

There were also a few stripers caught further south.

Reports came in about an excellent bite at the Banana Lump off Fenwick.

TUESDAY, December 19, 2017

2:16 PM - Finally, stripers are off our coast. Good size stripers are being caught off Indian River. Good size fish!

8:21 PM - Anglers on the "Reel Crazy" found whales and some birds off the coast of Indian River and captured a couple of stripers measuring upt o 46-inches. They were caught on 32 oz. mojos.

Kevin Weber caught a couple of big stripers south of the Indian River Inlet. Kevin's fish measured 47-inches and 48 1/2-inches. Both caught on the troll.

Other boats headed north to the lumps off the high rises in North Ocean City up to Sea Colony. They marked bait but didn't have any pulls.

MONDAY, December 18, 2017

3:21 PM - In yesterdays report I mentioned that some stripers were reportedly caught off Indian River late in the day. I haven't been able to confirm that catch. Hook'em & Cook'em Tackle Shop in the Indian River Marina didn't see those fish come into their shop and were unaware of the catch.

A few boats ventured up to the waters off the coast of Indian River this morning. They had good marks of bait, but no bites.

5:11 PM - Big Bird Cropper and his buddy, Shawn Noel had a great day fishing just outside the Ocean City Inlet. They hooked 5 red drum, keeping 2, and caught and released over 40 small stripers. The 2 keeper red drum measured 25-inches and 25.5-inches. All caught on Roy Rigs.

Big Bird said there were a lot of birds working out front, but he couldn't get anything to eat underneath them.

Spoke to an angler who ventured up the coast, all the way to Sea Colony. He marked no birds until he got to Sea Colony, but had no pulls. Said there were a lot of gannets on the water and just circling overhead.

SUNDAY, December 17, 2017

The scales closed on the final day of the Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament. No fish were weighed, so here are the final results:

Heaviest Rockfish:
1st - "Nontypical" - 36.8 lbs. - $7,403
2nd - "Hellbent" - 32.3 lbs. - $2,835
3rd - "Hellbent" - 31.2 lbs. - winnings included above

Heaviest Stringer Rockfish:
1st - "Hellbent" - 79.5 lbs. - winnings included above

Heaviest Bluefish:
none weighed

An additional $432 in calcutta money was won by the crew on the "Bubblehead".

In the last 4 years, the Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament has donated $12,500 to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Jimmy Fund.

I did hear of some good size stripers caught 1.5 miles off the beach outside the Indian River Inlet late in the day. Other than that, there were no reports of fish off the Delmarva coast. Water temperature off our coast currently stands at 47-degrees.

There were reports of marked bait and fish off Sea Colony but the anglers were unable to get any bites.

The reports that came from boats that fished off the coast of Jersey was that the fish were significantly smaller than they have been. Water temperature off South Jersey is hovering in the mid-40's.

Capt. Chris Mizurak on the headboat, "Angler" reported a good day of sea bass fishing at an ocean wreck. They also had a 5 lb. 8 oz. flounder. All caught on squid.

SATURDAY, December 16, 2017

On 2 boats fished in the OCMC Rockfish Tournament. No fish were weighed. Bite still looks like it is off Jersey and there are rumors that there is another large school of fish heading south that are currently above Atlantic City. Good news for us is that the water temperature off Jersey is dropping quickly. Right now it is in the 42-degree range. Unfortunately, our water temperature in the Inlet is also down dramatically, now in the mid-40's. This could mean that the fish will be further off the beach where the water temp is a little higher.

FRIDAY, December 15, 2017

There are 9 boats fishing in the Ocean City Marlin Club Striper Tournament today. Weigh-ins are at Atlantic Tackle from 3pm to 5pm.

5:12 PM - The scales just closed at the OCMC Rockfish Tournament and here is what we saw:

"Bubblehead" had 5 keeper rockfish. The 3 heaviest weighed 15.0, 16.8 and 19.2 lbs.

"Black Magic" weighed 2 rockfish. The were 10.4 and 12.6 lbs.

Looks like all the fish were caught off New Jersey again with most coming in from the coast off Atlantic City.

THURSDAY, December 14, 2017

4 boats fished in the OCMC Rockfish Tournament. Nobody caught fish.

WEDNESDAY, December 13, 2018

The wind is really howling today. No boats fished in the Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament. The tournament ends on Sunday.

TUESDAY, December 12, 2017

Yesterday, on Day 3 of the Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament there were 9 boats fishing. Two boats returned to the scale with fish to weigh. Unfortunately, both had to travel a long way to the coast of South Jersey to catch their fish.

The "Nontypical" returned with 4 keeper striped bass. Their 3 heaviest tipped the scale at 36.8 lbs. 20.4 lbs. and 18.8 lbs. All were caught trolling mojos around 2.5 miles off the Jersey coast.

The "Hellbent" was a little further north than the "Nontypical" and it looks like they got into a better bite north of Avalon, NJ. They had 8 keepers with their 3 heaviest weighing 32.2 lbs., 31.2 lbs. and 16.0 lbs. All were caught on trolled mojos.

Boats that fished south of the Delaware Bay didn't have any fish.

These catches put the "Nontypical" in 1st place and the "Hellbent" in 2nd and 3rd place for heaviest striper. "Hellbent" holds 1st place for Heaviest Stringer.

1:26 PM - There is one boat fishing in the OCMC Rockfish Tournament today (Wazzup). No word yet on how they are doing.

MONDAY, December 11, 2017

It was not the prettiest of weekends for fishing. Snow... wind... miserable. Saturday was opening day of the 9-day Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament. This year, 13 boats signed up for the tournament. On Saturday, nobody fished. On Sunday, only one boat ventured out (Flat Calm) but they didn't find any stripers. Today, there are at least 5 boats fishing in the tournament. Anglers can fish 5 of the 9 days.

FRIDAY, December 8, 2017

Right now, striper fishing off the Delmarva coast is nothing short of dismal. Not much bird action. Not much bait. No whales. No stripers. Not even bluefish. Today, we searched high and low, north and south. No fish. Water temperature was around 53-degrees, so it isn't budging.

We didn't see many other boats out there today. The only other boat we spoke with couldn't find stripers either. They ended up picking up a couple of nice flounder on an offshore wreck. Forecast of 2-3 every 11 seconds was off by about 8 seconds and 1 foot. Not easy to scurry around.

THURSDAY, December 7, 2017

I took a ride this morning and glassed the ocean at 8th Street, 71st Street and 120th Street. Ocean was flat out to a couple of miles and then it looked sporty. Didn't see much bird action. Only a couple of boats fishing.

WEDNESDAY, December 6, 2017

Migrating stripers have hit the rips off Cape May, so they keep getting closer. Water temperature up there in South Jersey is in the 50-degree range, a couple of degrees colder than what we have inside 3-miles. Continue to hear about the quality of fish being caught. Good news for the 9-day (fish 5) Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament that starts on Saturday. Registration is at the Marlin Club at 7pm on Friday night.

Capt. Christopher Adams at Hook'em & Cook'em in the Indian River Marina told me that he saw some stripers hit his cleaning table on Monday from a boat that slammed the stripers off Rehoboth, but nothing from right outside Indian River.

2:00 PM - A report just came in that there are a lot of gannets busting the water on the 3-mile line inshore of the Fenwick Shoal Buoy.

TUESDAY, December 5, 2017

9:27 AM - The Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament IS ON! The tournmament is a fish 5 of 9 days event, starting on Saturday. Weigh-ins are at Atlantic Tackle each day from 3pm to 5 pm. Captains meeting is on Friday at the Marlin Club.

There were some stripers caught off Rehoboth, DE yesterday and a couple outside the Indian River Inlet. I heard some of the fish caught off Rehoboth were slobs. Also, the bite just off the beach of Cape May, NJ was very strong. This cold snap coming through should push some fish our way. Look for that water temp to hit 50-degrees and life should be good!

Right now, Friday is looking very fishable. Gets a little dicey for the weekend.

9:56 AM - Capt. Chris Mizurak on the headboat, "Angler" reported good fishing over the last couple of days highlighted by Phil Watt's 4 lb. 12 oz. flounder, Bob Gunkel's 4 lb. 8 oz. flattie and Bob Jones with sea bass weighing up to 3 lbs. Fish were caught on squid at wrecks 20+miles offshore.

10:59 AM - Jeff Waxman, Roger Meekins, Pat Petrera and Rodney Evans left Indian River and took the trip to just north of Cape May, NJ yesterday. Jeff caught a 48-inch striper. In total, they caught 14 stripers, keeping 5 between 44 and 48-inches. Fish were in 40-feet of water, 2 1/2 miles off the beach and were caught on trolled mojos. They had humpback whales feeding on bunker and the stripers were circling picking up the scraps. Bite was pretty steady throughout the trip.

MONDAY, December 4, 2017

Hat's off to the Captain and crew on the "Primary Search". They just told me that during a 35 day stretch in November/December, they caught 22 mahi, a 170 lb. bigeye tuna, went 4 for 7 on swordfish up to 110 lbs. and caught 2 opahs. Their 2nd opah weighed in at 159.8 lbs. Nice work, guys!

4:28 PM - Yesterday, Al Restaneo reported that he ventured up the coast to Stone Harbor, NJ and caught a 45-incher striper.

I did hear that the striper bite was excellent just a mile off the beach in Cape May, NJ... so they are getting closer.

A report came in today that there was a lot of bird action between 13 and 16 miles off Ocean City. At 15 miles, bluefins were seen on the surface and were mixed in with either bluefish or stripers.

Larger bluefish are further offshore, give or take 15 miles.

Terry Layton called in to report that he was hitting the lumps off the north end of Ocean City. Marked some nice bait (sand eels he thought) but didn't get any pulls. Pretty day on the water. Water temperature ranged from 52.5 to 53.5 degrees.

Capt. Chester Sadowski on the "Jezebel" reported that they had a good day at the San Gil yesterday, with a limit of sea bass, 9 triggers and 3 flounder up to 22-inches.

SUNDAY, December 3, 2017

It turned out to be a dud of a weekend for anglers looking for stripers and bluefish along our coast. Water temperature dropped a degree down to 52-degrees and the conditions looked right. The only bird action, inside of 3-miles, was up off Fenwick Island. Some boats tried that location, but no fish were hooked up. The migrating striper bite right now is going on off the Coast of Stone Harbor, NJ.

Dave Spencer took the trip out of Lewes, DE up to Stone Harbor, NJ and caught a 45-inch, 39 lb. striper while trolling a spoon.

Anglers fishing the San Gill wreck found good catches of sea bass.

Colin Campbell and Mike Johnston had a really nice limit of flounder measuring up to 26 1/2-inches. Fish were caught a long way offshore on ocean structure.

There are still plenty of stripers in the 18 to 21-inch range in our bay around Rt. 50 Bridge and Inlet.

SATURDAY! December 2, 2017

Anglers on the "Primary Search" boated another Opah, this one weighed 159.8 lbs.

Not much to report on striped bass. Plenty of small 20-inchers are in the bay but the bulk of those migrating down the coast are still off South Jersey. I took a look for them yesterday in some crappy seas. Went all the way to Sea Colony in Bethany. Didn't see any working birds. Didn't mark any bait. No fish. Water temp was still around 53 degrees.

FRIDAY, December 1, 2017

My crack foreign correspondent in New Jersey received a report that anglers fishing off Ocean City, NJ yesterday got into the stripers good.

There have been reports of small groups of stripers seen by boats coming in from offshore. Fish are hanging in the 11-mile range.

There haven't been any stripers showing up at cleaning tables in Lewes, DE yet, so the fish haven't made the hook around Cape May so far.

Remember the striper regulations this season are: 2 fish per person per day. Must be between 28 inches and 38 inches, inclusive, or greater than or equal to 44 inches.

Capt. Chris Mizurak on the headboat, "Angler" reported decent fishing YESTERDAY with a mix of sea bass, flounder and bluefish. Flounder were up to 4.5 lbs. and the heaviest sea bass tipped the scale at 3.5 lbs. All caught on wrecks while using squid for bait.

Unfortunately, most of the bluefish anglers have been coming across at ocean locations have been smaller fish in the 4 lb. range. There were reports of Cape May headboats getting into bluefish yesterday, but at this time we are unsure of the size.

11:45 AM - I did receive a report of birds busting the water, a mile off the beach, off the high rises.

THURSDAY, November 30, 2017

Anglers are still catching plenty of short stripers in the Inlet and around the Rt. 50 Bridge.

Still seeing tautog caught around the pilings of the Rt. 50 Bridge and along the rocks at Martha's Landing in the

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