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Vol 49 | Num 11 | Jul 10, 2024

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Virginia Report

Article by Capt. Matt Abell

After the fantastic firework finales, fellowship, and most of all July fourth reminders to ourselves as well as the world, that we are the foremost nation to ever grace our wonderful world …we can get back to doing what we love… fishing!

The inshore seaside flounder bite has improved this week with what seems to be a new batch of flatties to bend rods and fill coolers . The fish have been most active on the last of the flood and the first of the ebb from Chincoteague inlet down to Quimby. Silversides or big minnows , coupled with Gulp have provided anglers with action around the steep ledges and the inlets of the Va Barrier Islands.

The nearshore reefs have provided some superb spade action as well as a few flounder to find their way into the frying pan. The spades have taken small chunks of clam suspended under a slip bobber with a split shot to help keep the bait in the strike zone. A small #4-#1 octopus hook tied up on 20 pound fluorocarbon is required to tempt these striped scrappers into a sporty line stretching duel. Chumming is not always necessary but does add to the pursuit of these tropical trophies. The flounder have been most receptive to jigs bounced across and along structure like the rail cars of the Blackfish Banks Reef site. The jigsaw have mainly consisted of spro or tsunami jigs tipped with a 5”- 6” Gulp curly tail grub or swimming mullet.

The deep waters of the Atlantic have still been a bit of a disappointment as anglers continue the quest for this year’s pelagic prizes. The canyons have produced a limited number of yellowfin and bigeyes, the 20 fathom line has been the scene of the first mahi action around commercial fishing floats and flotsam that’s found off our coast. The bottom fishing remains good as tiles of gold and blue have bent rods and added excitement to a lackluster offshore season. My buddy Capt Crazy Larry of the 10-4 joker had a beautiful haul of goldens , which conjured smiles and wonderful meals that made all happy.

The Chesapeake is still producing some warm water action as specs and redfish continue to provide some summertime sport. Popping corks have been the most effective method on bringing these spotted trophies to the gunwale. Most of these fish have been found in the expansive grass flats of the middle bay, however, some have taken up residence around some of the many structures off the Tangier and Pocomoke Sounds.

Nothing says style like a fancy brown suit. And the style from Cape Charles down to the CBBT has been in high demand. Cobia have offered high jumping, hard running, heated fights for anglers who cast a chunk of bunker on a fish finder rig. While the bait doesn’t always help with the wait, some casting connoisseurs spend their time concentrating on finding fish on top by tempting with live eels and brightly colored jigs. If the cobia bite is off that day, peeler crab on bottom sweeper jigs is a sure bet for reds and sheeps around the pilings.

Grab the kids, your buddy, your dog or even the wife, and get out there and make some memories. After all, we have a responsibility to make the most of this wonderful place we call home! §

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