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Vol 47 | Num 20 | Sep 14, 2022

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Virginia Report

Article by Capt. Matt Abell

For many years I have heard the saying “ wind out of the east, fishing is the least”. This past week has provided plenty of physical evidence to support this theory which has been derived from folklore instead of science. Either way, lulls in action such as this help us appreciate the awesome fishing opportunities that we typically take for granted.

In the beginning of the week, the seaside of the ESVA gave anglers opportunities to target flounder in and around the inlets. Flounder rigs adorn with pink, chartreuse, white and even orange teasers along with Gulp grubs or swimming mullet seem to coerce these flavorful fillets into the frying pan. A nice big silverside or bull minnow to tip the hook seals the deal. We have had a few anglers jigging large Gulp grubs in the snaggy structure of the Wachapreague Inlet. One ounce jigs tipped with pink shine and orange 5 inch Gulp grubs have pulled some really respectable doormats from the obstacle laden oasis during slack tide.

While the sportsman of the Eastern Shore took to the shallows and creeks, thanks to the onset of the first marsh henning tide of the fall, some reds were spotted tailing through the seaside grass. There were even a few bulls mixed in to really get your drag screaming. Both artificial and fresh shrimp fished under a popping cork or bounced along the bottom on a jig head have produced some sporty spot tailed action. Along with the pursuit of puppies, there have been a few fall specs showing up in their normal haunts. It’s too early to report a hot lure or color, but I can promise you that an opening night Bass Assassin will be tied on my favorite casting rod as soon as the wind dies and the waters clear.

The Chesapeake has dealt with some of the same tide and wind problems this week. The good news is that the water temperature has fallen into the mid 70’s and we are primed for some awesome autumn fishing. There have been a few specs caught this past week as anglers sought sheltered water on the east side of the Pocomoke Sound. Most fish fell victim to bottom fishing with chunks of crab but a few of these spectacular speckled prizes have been lured by paddle tails fished among the grassy areas that provide refuge for predator and prey alike.

The best reports of the week came from the lower Chesapeake around the pilings of the CBBT. There was a mixed bag of sheepshead, reds, blacks and cobia coming to the gunwale just before the wind turned. While cobia were spotted and targeted with jigs and live baits, the bottom fishing was dominated by chunks of crab fished on sweeper jigs right on the pilings.

Yesterday marked the 32nd Annual Onancock Bay Challenge. 110 anglers braved the elements in pursuit of Chesapeake treasure. At the end of the day there was an abundance of fish, food and fellowship with a hint of fine music as well. The fact is, it doesn’t matter about the weather, the fishing or anything else…. It’s the people that make it so awesome to live in this wonderful place we call home! §

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