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Vol 49 | Num 3 | May 15, 2024

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Ship to Shore

Article by Capt. Steve Katz

Even more Apps

Last week’s topic was focused on the Popular Garmin App, Active Captain. If you have another brand of marine electronics, no need to worry, there is an app for those too, including the SImrad App and the not too well known TZ iBoat App.

The Furuno TZ iBoat App is born from a long history of commercial fishing and is part of the Timezero software offerings, all a part of Furuno.

Where it all started; Timezero is the brand name that unites companies Nobeltec & MaxSea together. Since 2016, both companies have provided the same TIMEZERO software, working together to provide an even better product for both recreational and professional users. Let’s take a trip back in time to 1992 to revisit just what MaxSea was doing and how it was innovating over a quarter of a century ago. Of course, even back then, MaxSea was providing game changing innovations for commercial fishing. In 2004 MaxSea became partners with Furuno, a leader in electronic equipment. This collaboration allowed MaxSea to continue to innovate and develop high performance products that can easily be used with the best Furuno products on the market for all things radar, sounder and GPS.

Nobeltec was established in 1993 by two ex-Microsoft engineers who unsurprisingly have a passion for boating. They envisaged making a Windows® based software program that displayed electronic navigation charts and tracked vessel positions with a GPS and that vision led to the success that has made Nobeltec what it was.

Nobeltec was purchased by Jeppesen leading to 9 years of fruitful work. However, as the core focus of Jeppesen continued to be outside the realm of sailing, a deal was struck with MaxSea International, then leader in marine navigation software. MaxSea and Nobeltec combined and have since been producing the best products available for both recreational and professional software and now under the Timezeo name. Timezero now provides a completely homogenous product in the name of TIMEZERO. This brand name has a product range that covers the professional and recreational market with the following products: TZ Professional, TZ Navigator, Coastal Monitoring and TZ app.

Even if you do not own any Furuno equipment, try the TZ iBoat App, it seems too good to be a free app and the cost for the additional charts seems too low, around $30/year for the TZ maps. These TZ Maps are extremely detailed and include important bathymetry for fishing.

These same extremely detailed TZ Maps are also the basis for the newest Furuno chartplotter series, the TZT24X, 22X,16X,13X and 10X.
These new chartplotter and TZ maps are probably one of the best new electronics charts offered to boaters and have the lowest cost.

The TZ iBoat App

Detailed marine charts, tides, routes, and more - TZ iBoat is the most complete marine navigation app for iPhone and iPad. This easy-to-use, all-in-one boating app for iOS is ideal for boaters, sailors, and anglers of all levels. Plus, the charts you purchase from your TZtouchX MFD are shared across the TZ iBoat app!

When combined with the newest Furuno chartplotter, the app gives you access to TZ Cloud, a way to safeguard your navigation data by backing up your Waypoints, Routes, and Marks to the cloud. TZ Cloud lets you synchronize your data between your TZtouchX MFDs and all the TZ platforms and apps.
Another interesting feature within the App is the “TZ first mate” feature within the app that can keep track of your catch & location.

Choose the species, enter length & weight, and even take a picture with your phone. View and edit the marks on your smart devices with the TZ First Mate App, TZ PC Software, or TZ iBoat.

But Wait, there’s More

NavNet REMOTE APP, Take full control of NavNet TZtouch in a whole new way. The NavNet Remote app allows you to operate and view your system with your smart devices remotely.

NavNet CONTROLLER APP is also available, which allows you to control your NavNet TZtouchX with a scroll pad, cursor pad, and dedicated keys, works like a wireless remote control.

One feature that is not available through the TZ iBoat is the ability to update operating system software, Furuno chartplotters can be easily updated using a traditional USB memory stick.

The apps offered by the chartplotter manufacturers are now playing a key role in the operation and management of your boats chartplotter infrastructure, its worth investigating the Apps that match your equipment. §

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