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3.29.17 1:52 pm

by Larry Jock

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MONDAY, March 27, 2017

Big congratulations go out to the crew on the local boat, "Agitator" for defending their title in the Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Billfish Series. The team, who also fishes on the "Billfisher", ended the 3-leg tournament with 15,000 points. The 2nd place boat, the "Big Oh" 13,200 points. The "Agitator" team was made up of anglers Danny Gough, Jonathan, Judy and Jeremy Duffie, Capt. Jon Duffie and mates Chris Hornung and Jake Emche.

Local Captain Josh Ruskey and local angler Darren Helwig were part of a team on the "Fish Tank" that finished 3rd in the tournament.

Another local boat, "First Light" also did well in the tournament, coming in 3rd place in the 2nd leg of the event and 2nd place in the 3rd and final leg.

Local angler, John Gudelsky fished on the "Enjoy" and took 9th place in the tournament.

Just a reminder that the Maryland DNR Recreational Forum is tonight from 4-6 PM at the Marlin Club. All are invited.

FRIDAY, March 24, 2017

I received a report yesterday that Ayrton Pryor has been burning up the striped bass from the Rt. 90 Bridge up to the DE line while fishing in his kayak. Tuesday night he hooked over 50 fish between 18 and 24-inches and a pair that measured 27-inches. Check out his YouTube video on our homepage.

THURSDAY, March 23, 2017

I spoke to Capt. Monty on the headboat, "Morning Star" yesterday and it looks like the very quick mackerel bite was short lived. His anglers are catching some nice size tog on ocean structure.

I also heard that some netters in the bays and back creeks are catching some nice size perch along with an occassional small striper and flounder.

The mild winter we had should make the upcoming fishing season interesting? Will everything be early? Will the warm ocean temperatures affect the early yellowfin tuna bite we normally see in June. Will it prevent hard temperature breaks and cause a more blended water environment? Should be interesting.

THURSDAY, March 16, 2017

DE set their 2017 flounder regulations. Same as MD. 4 fish per person... No closure.

WEDNESDAY, March 1, 2017

MD set their 2017 flounder regulations. Nothing unexpected. 17-inch minimum... 4 fish per person... No closure.

TUESDAY, February 28, 2017

Maryland finalized their black sea bass regulations today. Here they are:

The season is open May 15, 2017 through September 21, 2017 and October 22, 2017 through December 31, 2017. The season is closed all other dates in 2017.

Anglers may keep up to 15 black sea bass per person per day.

The minimum size is 12.5 inches.

TUESDAY, February 21, 2017

Hard to believe that water temps just off the beach are still in the low-40's. Makes you think that stripers could still be out there roaming. Have received reports that good numbers of birds were seen diving off Indian River but not many boats are still in the water.

I did receive a report from some dedicated anglers who ventured out on Saturday looking for bluefish. They said that the gannets were thick 12 miles off the Delaware coast but no fish were under the good schools of bunker. They also said that thousands of dead bunker were floating on top. Water temp was 44.1-degrees.

MONDAY, February 13, 2017

I heard a while back from a source at the Maryland DNR that it looks like Maryland will have a change to our flounder regulations for the upcoming season. Minimum length will increase from 16-inches to 17-inches, but we will still be able to keep 4 fish per person with NO season closure. The change still needs NOAA's approval.

I was up in New Jersey this past weekend and heard that they are still catching stripers off the coast of Sea Isle City. Crazy!

A belated "Congratulations" to Capt. Jon Duffie on the "Billfisher". Jon was named 2016 Worldwide Captain of the Year by InTheBite Magazine! Another local captain, Billy Gerlach on the "Makara" took 20th place honors

In another brilliant move, the Maryland Department of Natural Services has scheduled the next Coastal Recreational Fisheries Forum for Thursday, March 23rd from 2pm to 4pm at the Marlin Club. They must not think that anybody has a job!!!

THURSDAY, February 2, 2017

As predicted, the National Aquarium in Baltimore has WITHDRAWN their proposal to turn the Baltimore Canyon into a fish sanctuary. I'd be surprised if this didn't cost them some type of funding from an environmental group, but they did the right thing and "hat's off" to the Aquarium and their CEO, John Racanelli.

On a fishing note, I'm hearing from my foreign correspondent in New Jersey that they are still catching stripers, and nice ones at that, off the cost of Sea Isle City, south of Atlantic City. Water temp off the cost up there is still in the low 40's. I would be they could still be found off our coast as well, but it looks like everyone pulled their boat (except Happy Endings) due to another frustrating striper season.

There are rumors floating around that we could be seeing a possible increase in the sea bass quota. Stay tuned!

WEDNESDAY, January 4, 2017

The meeting held at the OP Library last night to discuss options for 2017 flounder regulations went well. Basically, the crux of the meeting was that the feds are looking for a 30% reduction in this years flounder catch, primarily because the northern region, NJ, NY & CT, blew their allocation out in 2016. Luckily, the regulations put forth for our region (DE, MD & VA) gave us a 25% cushion, so theoretically, we could keep our regulations the same in 2017 and still be OK with our 2017 allocation.

The fly in the ointment is that the northern regions are looking for us to make our 2017 regulations stricter than needed, thereby freeing up some fish that could be used by the northern regions to soften their needed reduction. Does this sound familiar? It should because we did the same thing back in 2013. Did we ever get those fish back? The answer is "No" but we were told that the northern region did help us out when it came time to set sea bass regulations.

In addition, we learned that the northern regions want to readdress the baseline used to determine what states get what part of the coastwide flounder harvest limits because they are catching more fish up there and need a larger allocation. Think we are going to get screwed in that process. Take it to the bank... we will!

When it came time for attendees to vote, it was a pretty even split between keeping our flounder regulations the same (16", 4-fish per person) and "Option 2" which added an inch to our minimum size, taking us to 17" but still keeping 4 fish person and no closed season.

It sounded to me that the state and fed guys want us to give up something to (again) help the northern states, but I say enough is enough. We have helped them out before and enough is enough. Additionally, flounder fishing in our area, and in DE, has really turned into one with 2 distinct segments. You have anglers who fish in the bay and those that fish on ocean structure. Going to 17" wouldn't hurt ocean flounder fishermen on bit, but adding that 1" would definitely hurt those fishing in the bay. Last year wasn't a banner flounder fishing year in the bay. Going up an inch would only make it worse.

Public comments will be accept3d until January 19th. If you want to submit a comment, you can email Kirby Rootes-Murdy at krootes-murdy@asmfc.org.

Here are the options:

#1 - stays the same. 16", 4 fish, 365 days
#2 - 17", 4 fish, 365 days
#3 - 17", 3 fish, 365 days
#4 - 17", 3 fish, 365 days (all states required to take at least a 30% reduction)
#5 - 17", 4 fish, 365 days (more even spread across other states)

TUESDAY, January 3, 2017

Although the flounder regulations looked like they were firm when they were released last week, I have been told that "they are subject to change" and it looks like there may be some changes proposed at tonights flounder meeting, held at 6:00 PM at the Ocean Pines Library. My understanding is that although our current regulations will still give us enough to cover our proposed quota, there is AGAIN some talk that NY & NJ will have drastic reductions unless other states (like MD) give them some of their quota. My recollection is that this happened a couple of years ago and MD gave up some of our flounder quota to the northern states and have yet to receive it back. Sounds like another bad deal for MD fishermen.

If this concerns you, or you want to have input into the several options we will have input on, it would be a good idea to attend this meeting.

FRIDAY, December 29, 2016

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission will hold a public hearing for summer flounder on January 3rd at 6pm at the Ocean Pines Library.

There hasn't been too much to update folks about. Seas have been too snotty to get out there to find striped bass, but the good news is that water temperatures are still in the mid-40's and there is still a good body of fish to our north looking to make their way south. The next few days don't look good weather-wise, but hopefully we all can get out there soon. I did talk to a commercial fisherman yesterday and he did tell me that they saw stripers about 12 miles off the beach. Also, yesterday there looked to be some good bird action off the highrises, but they were way outside the wonderful 3-mile line.

FRIDAY, December 23, 2016

Unfortunately, there hasn't been anything to report in quite some time. Rough seas have kept most at the dock and those that did decide to head out didn't have any luck. Some stripers were seen by anglers looking for bluefish 7-10 miles off the beach, but I haven't heard any reports of fish seen or caught inside the wonderful 3-mile line.

Water temperature is still in the 44-45 degree range, and there are reports still coming in about stripers being caught off New Jersey, so I don't believe our season is over.

We just completed work on the big Winter Issue that will hit the streets on January 1st. It is packed with great articles and a lot of pictures. Hope everyone likes it!

Merry Christmas!!!

WEDNESDAY, December 14, 2016

10:23 AM - Reports are coming in about good bird activity with big stripers underneath right up on the MD/DE Line, inside of 3 miles. Seas are snotty, so you may have to hug the beach and then shoot out. Winds right now are NNW 14mph.

5:51 PM - Big Bass Bob called in to report that he headed up to the MD/DE line and really didn't see much, so he headed back to the waters just off the high rises and marked a ton of bait, had diving birds and even whales... BUT NO BITES. Seas weren't so bad later in the day. Ride home was nice. Water temperature still around 47-degrees.

Capt. Shannon Pickens reported that the striper bite off Cape Chales is spotty, but the fish being caught are BIG. Slow trolling or drifting eels is the ticket. Mostly smaller stripers are found under the diving birds.

SUNDAY, December 11, 2016

Another poor day for striper fishing off the coast. In the OC Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament, not a single fish was caught. Most boats went north to the High Rises. Others went south past the sliver. The 9-day tournament concluded today, so here are the final results:

1st Place Heaviest - 33.0 lbs. - Mike Johnston - "Bad Oyster" - $6,880 (caught 12/04)

2nd Place Heaviest - 25.4 lbs. - Chuck Wenzel - "Fish Frenzi" - $1,512 (caught 12/04)

3rd Place Heaviest - $22.4 lbs. - Andy Smelter - "Nontypical" - $1,008 (caught 12/05)

1st Place Stringer (3 fish) - 65.8 lbs. - "Nontypical" - $1,008 (caught 12/05) - $1,080

1st Place Bluefish - 11.8 lbs. - John Rogowitz - "Bad Oyster" - $540 (caught 12/04)

Water temperature still around 46, which still isn't bad. Water off New Jersey is honing in on that magical 40-degree mark, so that should be pushing fish south towards us. Don't be pulling those boats too soon!!! We'll get em!

Capt. Chris Mizurak on the headboat, "Angler" reported good sea bass fishing with knotheads up to 3 lbs. and flounder upt o 5 lbs. 9 oz. Bob Telford caught the big flattie on a bucktail and Darrin Small hooked the largest sea bass on a strip of squid.

SATURDAY, December 10, 2016

Unfortunately, striper fishing continues to be dismal. Again, no fish were caught in the OC Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament. At least one boat ventured as far north as Ocean City, NJ (that's right, New Jersey) and came back empty handed. They were then immediately rushed to the psychiatric ward. I checked in with Bert Adams at the Hook'em & Cook'em Tackle Shop in the Indian River Marina and he said striper fishing was "dead" today. Sounds like those constant northwest winds we had late in the week moved the fish outside the 3-mile line.

No need to panic, yet. Stripers are still being caught off Atlantic City and the water temperature off the Delmarva coast is still hovering around 46-47 degrees. I would guess that if you went 10 miles off the coastline it would be all the stripers you want. Surprisingly, we again didn't have a good run of fall/winter bluefish. Not sure what that is all about.

There does sound like there is a good striper bite at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

THURSDAY, December 8, 2016

2:00 PM - Looks like it may be our last decent day until Sunday. Today the seas were nice but stripers were uncooperative. In the Marlin Club tournament, 11 of 15 boats fished but it sounds like no fish, or very very few fish were caught. Boats are fishing as far north as the Indian River Inlet and south to the Sliver.

My foreign correspondent said that there are still a load of fish north of Ocean City, NJ with a good bite off Corson's Inlet.

4:36 PM - Striper fishing was pathetic today. No fish were caught in the Marlin Club Tournament and boats fished from way up north down to the VA line. Nada!

Anglers on the headboat, "Angler" had good sea bass fishing today along with bluefish weighing up to 12 lbs. Ken Yuen even had a 6 lb. 10 oz. flounder, on December 8th. Crazy! All were caught while jigging on an offshore wreck.

WEDNESDAY, December 7, 2016

Today, 3 of 15 boats fished in the OC Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament.

TUESDAY, December 6, 2016

Snotty seas today. No boats are fishing in the OC Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament.

MONDAY, December 5, 2016

It was a good day for most who fished straight off Indian River Inlet today. Most of the stripers boated with in the slot (38-44 inches) and were caught on mojos, Stretch lures and even while casting to them. The casting was primarily early in the morning and late in the afternoon, right before dark. Boats that went up to the Jersey coast didn't fare as well.

The 3rd day of the 9-day Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament saw the following fish come to the scale:

"Nontypical" weighed 4 stripers (18.6, 21.6, 21.8 and 22.4 lbs.). Fish were caught on white mojos, most in 50-60 feet of water off Indian River.

"Bad Oyster" weighed 3 stripers caught off Indian River (16.6, 17.4 and 22.2 lbs.). Caught on trolled mojos.

The "Wrecker" also had a good day, but didn't weigh anything, instead staying late off Indian River where they had a blast casting to big fish rolling on the surface.

The big news of the day was a new pending Delaware State Record Striped Bass caught yesterday by Paul Santa Barbara. Paul's fish weighed 62 lbs. and measured 50-inches with a 30-inch girth. Paul caught the big striper at Overfalls Shoal.

SUNDAY, December 4, 2016

Seas were better today and most boats headed to the Jersey coast where there were rumors of an "epic" bite off Atlantic City yesterday. Didn't happen today.

On the second day of the Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament, 11 boats ventured out but only a few fish were weighed.

Always a contender in the Rockfish Tournament, the "Fish Frenzi" went all the way up to the coast off Avalon, NJ and ended up with a 25.4 lb. rockfish, caught on a trolled white tandem rig in 47-degree water (35-feet). Chuck Wenzel was the angler.

"Bad Oyster" jumped to the lead with a 33 lb. rockfish and an 11.8 lb. bluefish, both caught on the troll off the coast of Brigantine, NJ (north of Atlantic City). Water temp was 47.9-degrees. Mike Johnston caught the striper and John Rogowitz boated the chopper bluefish.

"Wrecker" caught 1 rockfish off the coast of Sea Isle City, NJ and ended up boating 2 more off Indian River during their trip home in the late afternoon. Their rockfish weighed 18.0, 19.6 and 20.0 lbs. All caught on white and chartreuse tandem rigs. The fish off Indian River were in 49-feet of water with 49-degree water temperature.

SATURDAY, December 3, 2016

The seas were very snotty today. With the west wind, it was doable inside of a 1/2 mile but outside of that you were looking at steady 4 footers every 3 seconds with an occassional 6 footer rolling through.

I did venture out (temporary insanity) and headed north to the high rises. Saw some birds but not the waterfall some folks saw while glassing from shore.

On the first day of the Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament (9-day event), 6 boats fished and no rockfish were weighed.

THURSDAY, December 1, 2016

Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" caught their limit of tautog by 9:30 AM and released around 100 after that. All of the action took place with green crabs at Site 9 off the Delaware Coast. Alex Corteza released one that weighed 10.9 lbs.

TUESDAY, November 29, 2016

I was talking to some commercial fishermen this morning and they told me that they ran across decent size schools of striped bass 7-miles off the coast of OC. Big fish!

I also heard that the Coast Guard already has their Cutter and helicopters patrolling the coast in search of anglers fishing for and keeping striped bass outside the 3-mile line. Pretty expense endeavor. Last I checked, our country was almost $20,000,000,000 in debt. Just makes even more sense to get rid of that ridiculous 3-mile line! Fishery was closed based on science BUT hasn't been reopened based on science. Makes no sense.

DON'T FORGET - This Friday is registration for the 9-day Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament. Anglers can fish up to 5-days.

MONDAY, November 28, 2016

Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" caught their boat limit of 40 tautog while fishing with green crabs at Site 9. Ki Ju Park led the way with an 11.2 pounder.

A few stripers were caught inside of the 3-mile line, just north of the high rises. Water temperature was reported at 52-degrees.

I spoke to our foreign correspondent in New Jersey and he said that the boats fishing off the Ocean City, NJ coast didn't do much this weekend, but they definitely had ocean fish in the rivers behind OC, NJ.

Anglers on the headboat, "Angler" returned early with a boat limit of sea bass weighing up to 3 lbs. 8 oz. Fish were caught on a wreck on jigs and clams.

SUNDAY, November 27, 2016

I went searching over the weekend for stripers and bluefish. Really thought I would find both, and really expected to run across some good size bluefish which was my primary goal. Started at Little Gull... Headed out to the Bass Grounds... Headed north to Isle of Wight Shoal.... Up to Fenwick Shoal... Shot inside and returned down the beach. Found birds and whales around 7 miles off the beach, straight out from the OC Inlet. Nothing underneath and no bites on the troll. Best marks I had the entire trip was between Isle of Wight and Fenwick Shoal. Big bait balls of small bait (not bunker). Birds pcking away at the surface, but no fish marks underneath or around. Tossed some rubber shads, but no luck. The good news is that the water temperature is beween 55 and 57.5-degrees, so we haven't hit the magical 50-degree mark for stripers yet but you would think that big schools of chopper bluefish would be out there. I did hear from commercial guys that stripers were found rolling on top about 17-miles off the beach. Not big schools though.

Sea bass fishing is still good on ocean structure. The "Angler" and the "Morning Star" are returning with some nice catches and even an occassional flounder.

Tautog fishing is good. Rocks along Martha's Landing (West Channel) continues to produce good numbers of fish, but keepers are 1 in 50, so you gotta be patient.

Even saw a few triggerfish caught around the South Jetty. Interesting!

My brother John in OC, NJ reported good striper fishing in the rivers behind OC, NJ but the big schools are still north.

Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" had their boat limit of 35 tog while fishing at Reef Site 9 off Delaware. Their largest fish weighed 12.2 lbs. and 16.4 lbs. All caught on green crabs. They also released 7 tog between 10 and 16 lbs.

TUESDAY, November 22, 2016

Received word from Capt. Kane Bounds on the "Fish Bound" that he had water temperature of 47.8-degrees only 2 miles outside the OC Inlet. Water temp is dropping fast!

SUNDAY, November 20, 2016

Windy day on the beach. Too windy to fish.

The bulk of migrating stripers are still off central Jersey, but my brother got into a good bite in the rivers behind Ocean City, NJ. All caught on eels. Cold nights and the water temp is dropping fast. Maybe too fast!

Note Friday's report about Richard Crosariol hooking a 33-inch striper while fishing about 500 yards off the North Jetty. When I took the "Paperboy" out for a spin yesterday, I did have some good marks off 5th Street, not frar off the beach. Nice size boomarangs!

SATURDAY, November 19, 2016

Tog fishing has been very good along the rocks off Martha's Landing (West channel). Not many keepers, but a lot of action on smaller fish.

Ed and Brayden Taylor hooked 25 tautog, with 3 keepers, along with a pair of black drum, all while fishing on the charter boat, "Lucky Break" in the OC Inlet.

FRIDAY, November 18, 2016

I received a report from our foreign correspondent in New Jersey (my brother) who said that the large schools of migrating stripers are still to the north (central Jersey and above) but they are starting to see some show up in the rivers.

Capt. Kane Bounds on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" reported that the last few days of fishing have been red hot. Yesterday, they had a boat limit of 28 tautog by 9:30 AM. They ended up staying and catching and releasing another 100 tog. On Wednesday, they had a boat limit of 120 sea bass, 50 bluefish and some triggerfish. Both trips were on natural structure with squid and green crabs being the baits of choice.

3:31 PM - Just received a report from a reader that he saw diving gannetts off 20th Street, a quarter mile off the beach around 7 this morning. Getting interesting!

4:01 PM - Capt. Monty Hawkins on the headboat, "Morning Star" reported that sea bass fishing was good today with big fish in the mix. His anglers also caught some "enormous" bluefish.

Richard Crosariol caughta 33-inch, 13 lb. striper about 500 yards off the North Jetty on a live spot. Water temperature was 55.6-degrees.

anglers on the headboat "Morning Star" caught a load of black sea bass, along with some triggerfish, flounder and bluefish. All were caught on a wreck with clams, squid and Gulp!.

WEDNESDAY, November 16, 2016

I'm starting to wonder if we have some stripers off our coast. Sounds like the bulk of migrating fish are still off central Jersey (Asbury Park down to Atlantic City), but our water temperature is down around 54-55 degrees, whales have been spotted just off the beach around 5th Street and a few straglers have been caught off Assateague. Might be worth some exploratory missions.

If anyone sees or hears of anything, let us know (410-213-2200 or coastalfisherman@comcast.net). Thanks! Hope we have a much, much better season than last year

I saw where a new state record triggerfish was caught in Jersey. Weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. Maryland's record is 5 lbs. 2 oz. and Delaware's is 6 lbs. 5 oz.

MONDAY, November 14, 2016

We had whales crusing just off shore of Ocean City this weekend. Good sign. Can usually find some stripers underneath. Bluefish are chomping on the wrecks. Not big ones... up to 3 lbs. Heard from source in NJ that they are dealing with some big choppers and they are heading our way. Jersey anglers are "complaining" that the stripers are cruising by outside of the 3-mile line. Welcome to our world, boys!

Water temperatures are hovering in the mid-50's. Getting close to the magical 50-degree mark.

5:06 PM - Looks like some good schools of bluefish are cruising by off our coast and it was a good day for sea bass fishing on ocean structure.

SUNDAY, November 13, 2016

It was incredible tautog fishing for anglers fishing on the charter boat, "Get Sum" today. The guys hooked exactly 100 tautog with 3 keepers in the mix. All the action took place along the rocks off Martha's Landing.

FRIDAY, November 11, 2016

Anglers on the charter boat "Lucky Break" hooked over 30 tautog, keepng 2, while fishing at the South Jetty

WEDNESDAY, November 9, 2016

Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" had a good day fishing for sea bass on artificial reefs. Acie Mankins led the way with a 23-inch, 4 lb. 11 oz. knothead caught on his first drop of the day.

TUESDAY, November 8, 2016

Capt. Monty Hawkins on the headboat, "Morning Star" reported very good sea bass fishing today for his anglers. Some had their limit of 15 fish. Tomorrows trip has some open spots around the rail so if you are interested you could probably just show up at his boat around 6:45 AM and get a good spot for some good fishing.

Bill Regan fished the bay behind OC today and reported catching one small flounder. He didn't see much caught by other anglers but it was a beautiful day on the water.

I did hear from my brother John who lives in Ocean City, NJ. They haven't caught much in the bay and rivers behind OC, NJ (water temp still in the mid-to-high 50's) but really nice migrating fish are being caught off Asbury Park, NJ. Heard several have been landed that weighed over 50 lbs.

MONDAY, November 7, 2016

The sign-up for the 9-day Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament is less than a month away. Sign-up is on December 2nd and the tournament runs through December 11th. There are a couple of changes to the tournament rules (no matter what it says in their brochure):

1. There is basically no northern boundry. The boundry, all ways, is 100 miles from the Sea Buoy, same as all other OCMC tournaments.
2. The guaranteed prize money for the 1st place rockfish has been increased from $1,000 to $2,000. Heaviest 3-fish stringer guarantteed a $500 gift basket filled with cool stuff.

Maximum number of anglers on the boat is 6, the same as last year. Boats can fish 5 of the 9 days. Entry fee is $250 per boat. Calcuttas will be available. Proceeds benefit the Jimmy Fund.

SATURDAY! November 5, 2016

Although they delayed the start of their trip due to weather, anglers on the headboat "Morning Star" made up for it with very good sea bass fishing and even a few flounder. Sea bass weighed up to 3 lbs. 7 oz. and flounder over 5 lbs. caught on squid. Heaviest sea bass was fooled with a sand flea. All on natural bottom.

THURSDAY, November 3, 2016

Michael Lawson caught a red drum in the West Channel around 11am this morning and a black drum off the Rt. 50 Bridge around 9:30. Both on spec rigs.

TUESDAY, November 1, 2016

"Talkin Trash" caught 22 blueline tilefish and 14 sea bass.

Headboat, "Angler" had good sea bass fishing today. Most caught their limit. Largest weighed 4 lbs. Flounder up to 5 lbs. were also caught.

SUNDAY, October 30, 2016

On the headboat, "Angler", Capt. Chris Mizurak reported good sea bass fishing today with a handful of limits around the rail. All other anglers were pretty close to their limit. Fish were caught on squid at an artificial reefsite. Tony Combs caught a 4 lb. 3 oz. triggerfish on the trip.

The Cropper family took a trip down to a VA barrier island and caught some nice size red drum. Blake Cropper caught her first redfish, a 50-incher with a 30-inch girth. Patty Cropper hooked a 49-incher. All were released.

Capt. Monty Hawkins on the headboat, "Morning Star" reported very good sea bass fishing today with several good sized knotheads mixed in. A lot of small bluefish also were caught by his anglers. Word on the street is that Hurricane Murray Adams was the high hook on the trip!

I didn't get any reports but the bite must have been pretty good today because when I was traveling into OC, I saw 3 guys hooked up at once. Small striped bass... Bluefish... Maybe a flounder.

SATURDAY, October 29, 2016

Windy day in OC but we saw some folks on the water and quite a few fishing off the Rt. 50 Bridge. I did receive a report that the Coast Guard had their 47 footer out patrolling getting ready for striped bass season.

Anglers continue to catch flounder (not big) in the East Channel and tautog and black drum around the South Jetty. You can also pick up tog along the rocks off Martha's Landing.

Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" had a good day, returning with 105 sea bass, some triggerfish and a load of bluefish. All were caught at the Bass Grounds while using squid for bait.

THURSDAY, October 27, 2016

Wind was puffing today, but anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" returned with a good catch of flounder, sea bass and triggerfish.

WEDNESDAY, October 26, 2016

Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" found the seas bumpy in the morning but ended up with their boat limit of 120 sea bass, 27 bluefish and 20 triggerfish. All were caught inshore at the Bass Grounds.

SUNDAY, October 23, 2016

The 24-hour Bahia Marina Rocktoberfest Tournament ended at 4pm today with 38 anglers competing. Here are the final results:

Rockfish Division:

1st - Phil Boylan - 11 lbs. 8 oz. - $2,393 (for 1st & 3rd)
2nd - Matt Stoltzfus - 10 lbs. 11 oz. - $495
3rd - Phil Boylan - 10 lbs. 6 oz.

Flounder Division:
1st - Big Bird Cropper - 4 lbs. 9 oz. - $177

Bluefish Division:
1st - Ryan Obertoltz - 3 lbs. - $177

Open Division:
1st - Andy Tobias - 5 lb. 9 oz. eel - $177

Most of the action took place around the Rt. 50 Bridge but fish were also caught around the South Jetty as well. Live spot and bunker were the baits of choice, but Big Bird caught his winning flounder on a Gulp! artificial bait. Anglers also caught some red drum around the South Jetty along with a lot of short stripers. Flounder were caught at both the bridge and the South Jetty. Small bluefish are all over, but centered around the Rt. 50 Bridge, although they were also caught up by the Rt. 90 Bridge also. No tautog were weighed in the tournament.

SUNDAY, October 16, 2016

Rich Daiker caught his limit if flounder and red drum in the East Channel, all on bunker.

Charter boat, "Marli" had 7 yellowfins and 12 gaffer dolphin at the northeast corner of the Norfolk Canyon. Water moved around 10 miles in one day.

Tuna were also caught in the Baltimore Canyon.

SATURDAY, October 15, 2016

Lots of anglers fishing in the bay and off the Rt. 50 Bridge today. Black drum, sheepshead, some red drum and flounder are on the menu. Sand fleas for all but flounder. Gulp! for flatties.

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