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MD Fisheries Requests Changes to Striped Bass Regs for Chesapeake Bay
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Maryland Department of Natural Sciences Fisheries Service submitted an emergency action to the Maryland General Assembly’s? Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review that will make changes to several regulations from May 16 through December 15.

The committee is in the process of reviewing the action.

We hope to have their decision by mid-April so that everyone can prepare for the summer and fall season.

The purpose of this action is to reduce the minimum size of striped bass for the recreational and charter boat summer and fall fishery in the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries from 20 inches to 19 inches. The proposal makes changes in several chapters to accomplish the purpose including changes to the season, gear and use of bait. All changes apply to recreational anglers and charter boats.

Reason: The intention is to reduce dead discards of striped bass that occur throughout the summer/fall when anglers are using bait.?

Minimum Size: 19” for the striped bass summer and fall fishery in the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries

New Rules Apply: May 16 through December 15

Hook Requirements:

*Hook requirements apply to fishing for all species, not just striped bass

*Circle hooks required when chumming or live-lining. Chumming and live-lining are defined

?*J hooks with a gap of less than or equal to ½ inch from the point to the shank are required when using bait

View the Emergency Proposal?

The Procedures for Emergency Regulations may be found on the Joint Committee’s Webpage.
If you have questions, please contact Mike Luisi at 410-260-8341 or michael.luisi@maryland.gov.

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