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Fishing Report

8.20.18 7:57 am

**If you would like to email us your photo, you can send it to coastalfisherman@comcast.net.  Please send the picture at Actual Size and include in the email the boat name, anglers names, towns, fish caught, bait or lure used, location of catch, length and/or weight of fish caught (or at least the heaviest).   Please do not send any pictures through Facebook Messenger. 

by Larry Jock

MONDAY, August 20, 2018

Today starts the 5-day MidAtlantic Tournament with weigh-ins at both the Canyon Club in Cape May, NJ and Sunset Marina in Ocean City.  Looks like 157 boats are registered for the tournament, which is 6 more than last year.  Around 90 boats are fishing out of Ocean City.  Weigh-ins are from 5:00 to 9:00 PM each night.

The big money Paradise Grill Flounder Tournament ended yesterday, but they haven't updated their standings since Saturday.  The standings going into the final day were:

1st - Pete Hesson - 9.8 lbs.

2nd - Mike Frank - 8.5 lbs.

3rd - Paul Zarebicki - 8.4 lbs.

SUNDAY, August 19, 2018

4:58 PM - Neil and Al Nimrichter joined Amanda Shick for a trip on the charter boat, "Last Call" and they caught 11 king mackerel and 2 bonitas while trolling spoons at the Jackspot.

The banquet for the Poor Girls Open was this afternoon and the tournament ended up donating $130,000 to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Research.  This put them over the $1,000,000 mark since the start of the tournament 25 years ago.

Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" found a good flounder bite on artificial reefs today.  Had 3 anglers catch their limit and a couple more had 3 each.  Seas were calm with a rolling swell.  Most flatties at squid or cut bait.

Gerry Chaveca fished in the bay off 28th Street and caught a couple of keeper flounder measuring 19 and 19.5-inches.  Both on mullet and bunker.

Sue Lilley was fishing at the Old Grounds with a combination of squid and minnows when she hooked this 5.6lb, 25.5” flounder. 

Chris Albright used a live bunker to fool this 26.2lb, 40" Cobia while fishing South of IRI.

Adam Bauer, Chris Petrovia and Robbie Martin deep dropped in the Poor Man's Canyon and caught a couple of golden tilefish weighing up to 45.5 lbs.

SATURDAY, August 18, 2018

Seas will be a little bumpy today for those who chose to venture outside the Inlet.  Offshore winds are forecasted to be 15-25 mph with seas at 3-6 feet.

Today is the final day of the Poor Girls Open.  There are 24 boats scheduled to fish today.  Weigh-ins are at Bahia from 4:00 to 7:30 PM.

Yesterday was Day #3 of the Paradise Grill Flounder Tournament.  The heaviest flounder weighed on Friday was a 7.4 pounder from Scott Pierce, so there was no movement in the top 4 positions in the tournament.  Here is how it stands: 

1st - "Stalker" - Mike Frank - 8.5 lbs. 

2nd - "Sea Hawg" - Paul Zarebicki - 8.4 lbs. 

3rd - "El Nino" - Nino Aversa - 8.1 lbs. 

4th - "Fish Bones" - Joe McNeal - 7.9 lbs. 

1:43 PM - It has the feel of being an interesting weigh-in at the Poor Girls Tournament today.  The lady anglers on the "Absolut Pleasure" had 8 white marlin releases already.  Stay tuned!

8:08 PM -  I just returned from the scales on the final day of the 2018 Poor Girls Open and here is what we saw:

"Spring Mix II" weighed a 19.4 lb. dolphin caught in the Poor Man's on a trolled ballyhoo

"Bent Tent" weighed a 36.3 lb. dolphin caught by Brittany Grove and a 20.7 lb. dolphin caught by Tasha Davis-Lockart.  It was a doubleheader in 700 fathoms  in the Baltimore.  This gave them 1st and 3rd place in the Dolphin Division.

"Absolut Pleasure" had 12 white marlin releases in 700 fathoms between the Baltimore and Poor Man's Canyon to give them 1st place in the Billfish Release Divsiion.

"Reel Chaos" had 8 white marin releases in the Baltimore to give them 2nd place in the Billfish Release Division.

"Pumpin Hard" had 7 white marlin releases in 800 fathoms in the Poor Man's Canyon.  They also caught and released a blue marlin only a couple of minutes after lines were out of the water.  This tied them for 3rd place in the Billfish Release Division.

"Pool Party" had 4 white marlin releases.

Here are the final results:


1st - Absolut Pleasure - 12 white marlin releases 

2nd - Reel Chaos - 8 white marlin releases (2:32 PM) 

3rd - Pumpin Hard - 7 white marlin releases


1st - Bent Tent - 36.3 lbs.

2nd - Buckshot - 32.9 lbs.

3rd - Bent Tent - 20.7 lbs. 


1st - A Salt Weapon III - 112 lbs. 

2nd - Whisky Kilo - 73.0 lbs. 

3rd - Spring Mix II - 66.3 lbs. 


1st - Blood Money - 30.2 lbs. 

Outside the tournament:

Jack Lessen caught a 20-inch flounder in the bay behind Assateague neare the Duck Blinds.  used a top and bottom rig with a Roy Rig on top and Gulp on the bottom.

Charter boat, "On the Run" had 2 sheepshead (10.5 lbs.) and some croakers from around the South Jetty.  Caught the sheepshead on sand fleas.

The seas were rough, but anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" still caught some nice  flounder with a couple even catching their limit.

Chrissy Wehrle caught a 22-inch flsounder on a live bunker near the Rt. 50 Bridge.

Richard Rrosariol caught a 22-inch flounder in the West Channel on a Gulp Swimming Mullet

FRIDAY, August 17, 2018

The scales closed on Day 2 of the Poor Girls Open and here is what we saw:

"Bubblehead" had a white marlin release from Bean Keagle and an involuntary dolphin release from Chris Butler.

"Salty Sons" weighed a couple of smaller dolphin.

"Top Notch" had 3 dolphin.  Their 2 largest weighed 13.4 and 17.2 lbs.

"Talkin Trash" had 4 dolphin.  Their 2 largest measured 8.3 and 12.8 lbs.

"A Salt Weapon II" had 2 white marlin releases anda 112 lb. yellowfin caught by Nancy Kohl.

The Pink Marlins on "Rhonda's Osprey" released a blue marlin caught by Lynn DeCourcey.

"Southern C's" had 3 white marlin releases

"No Limits" had a white marlin release and 4 dolphin.  Their 2 heaviest weighed 6.6 and 9.6 lbs.

"Haulin n Ballin" had 5 white marlin releases

"White Lightning" weighed 2 dolphin.  The largest was 17.9 lbs.

"Give It Away" had 4 white marlin releases.

"Kingfisher" had a white marlin release and a blue marlin release.

"Obsession" weighed a pair of 9.2 lb. dolphin. 

Here are the standings after Day 2:


1st - Bar South - 7 white marlin releases 

2nd - Rhonda's Osprey - 5 white marlin releases (2:32 PM)

3rd - Haulin n Ballin - 5 white marlin relases (2:46 PM)


1st - Buckshot - 32.9 lbs. 

2nd - Grande Pez - 19.0 lbs. 

3rd - White Lightning - 17.9 lbs. 


1st - A Salt Weapon III - 112 lbs. 

2nd - Whisky Kilo - 73.0 lbs. 

3rd - Spring Mix II - 66.3 lbs. 


1st - Blood Money - 30.2 lbs. 

Outside the tournament:

Preston Walls and Glenn Rothschild caught 5 keeper flounder, up to 23-inches, on live bunker in the East Channel

Anglers on the Tortuga caught some flounder in the East Channel on squid and minnows.

Felisha Tasker, Grace Hoffman, Ashly Crites and Garrett Hoffman had 5 flounder in the East Channel on live bunker.  Largest was 20.5-inches.

On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", angler Steve Beney caught a pair of flounder measuring 22 and 23-inches in 90 feet of water on natural bottom.

Dylan Lawrence caught a 6 lb. 12 oz. flounder north of "A" Buoy on Gulp.

THURSDAY, August 16, 2018

8:30 AM - Today is the first day of the Capt. Steve Harman's Poor Girls Open.  This year 149 boats and 725 lady anglers are competing for over $229,000 in prize money.  Weigh-ins are from 4:00 to 7:30 PM at Bahia Marina.

Yesterday, the "Absolut Pleasure" went 10 for 15 on white marlin in the Baltimore.  This is the most single day releases we have seen so far this season.

Yesterday, Garrett, John and Tom Hoffman and Tony Rizzo caught 8 keeper flounder, measuring up 20 1/2-inches on live bunker in the East Channel.

9:34 AM - Yesterday was the first day of the Paradise Grill Flounder Tournament and here are the standings:

1st - "Sea Hawg" - Paul Zarebicki - 8.4 lbs.

2nd - "Team El Nino"- Nino Aversa - 8.1 lbs.

3rd - "Keepin Her Wet" - Ryan Berk - 7.2 lbs.

4th - "Makers Mark" - Brent Wiest - 7 lbs.

10:33 AM - Capt. John Oughton on the charter boat, "That's Right" reported  that they are fishing in the Poor Girls and have 1 white marlin release.  So far, he has heard of 23 white marlin releases with the top boat having 4 as of now. A few nice dolphin have also been caught a wahoo.  Water is 81.6-degrees and blue. 

11:40 AM - 56 boats fished today in the Poor Girls Open.

1:07 PM - Capt. John Oughton on the charter boat, "That's Right" just reported in.  They released another white marlin.  A little slow right now.

3:07 PM - Lines are out of the water for the first day of the Poor Girls Open.  Capt. John Oughton on the charter boat, "That's Right" reported in that he hasn't heard much on the radio.  From what he can tell, the top boat has 5 white marlin releases.

8:31 PM - I just returned from the scales after Day 1 of the Capt. Steve Harman's Poor Girls Tournament and here is what we saw:

"Phat Cat" had 7 dolphin.  Their 3 heaviest weighed 9.0, 9.9 and 10.5 lbs.

"Yellowfin" had a white marlin release from Betsy Wells and a 13.5 lb. dolphin from Page Kuntze.

"Tuna Box" weighed a pair of dolphin (3.7 and 9.6 lbs.)

"Rhonda's Osprey" had 5 white marlina and 3 dolphin (6.0, 7.7 & 8.0 lbs.)

"No Limits" had a white marlin release, a mako release and 6 dolphin.

"Sushi" had a white marlin release and a 13 lb. dolphin.

"Buckshot" had a 32.9 lb. dolphin caught by Lindsay Stanton.  They also had 2 white marlin releases from Jill Turner and Jen DePaola.  Both were firsts for the ladies.

"Jenny Poo" had 4 white marlin releases.

"Bar South" had 7 white marlin releases.

"Whisky Kilo" weighed a 73 lb. yellowfin caught by Heather Bean.

"Marlin Gale" had 3 white marlin releases and a 65.7 lb. yellowfin caught by Stacy Thomas.

"Spring Mix II" weighed a 66.3 lb. yellowfin caught by Megan McDonald.

"Grande Pez" had a white marlin release and a 19 lb. dolphin caught by Jennifer Johnson.

"Blood Money" had 3 white marlin releases and a 30.2 lb. wahoo caught by Lucy Muhlenbruck.

"Haulin n Ballin" had a blue marlin release and a 58.8 lb. yellowfin caught by Shantel Willey.

Here are the standings after DAY 1:


1st - Bar South - 7 white marlin releases

2nd - Rhonda's Osprey - 5 white marlin releases

3rd - Jenny Poo - 4 white marlin releases (9:59 AM)


1st - Buckshot - 32.9 lbs.

2nd - Grande Pez - 19.0 lbs.

3rd - Sushi - 13.0 lbs.


1st - Whisky Kilo - 73.0 lbs.

2nd - Marlin Gale - 65.7 lbs.

3rd - Spring Mix II - 66.3 lbs.


1st - Blood Money - 30.2 lbs.

Outside of the tournament:

Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" had a good day fishing for flounder with George Henning taking top honors with his 22.5-incher.  All caught on cut bait, squid, clams and Gulp on natural bottom

Allison Sinclair caught her first keeper flounder, an 18-incher, on a gulp artificial bait in the East Channel.

Brian Kowalski caught a 37 lb. wahoo at the 12 Fathom Lump.

Anglers fishing on the charter boat, "On the Run" had 4 flounder, 4 black sea bass and a triggerfish while fishing on an ocean reef.  Largest flounder was 21-inches.

Landon Bounds, age 5, took his first trip to fish in the ocean with his dad, Capt. Kane Bounds and he caught a few triggerfish at Kelly's Reef.

On the headboat, "Tortuga", anglers caught flonder up to 18-inches  on minnows and squid combinations in the bay behind Assateague.

Day #2 of the Paradise Grill Flounder Tournament was today and there was some movement on the leaderboard.  Here is how it stands in the 5-day tournament:

1st - "Stalker" - Mike Frank - 8.5 lbs.

2nd - "Sea Hawg" - Paul Zarebicki - 8.4 lbs.

3rd - "El Nino" - Nino Aversa - 8.1 lbs.

4th - "Fish Bones" - Joe McNeal - 7.9 lbs.

WEDNESDAY, August 15, 2018

With cobia starting to show up off our coast, it's important to familiarize yourself with state and local regulations, because they are different:


Maryland - 40" minimum size
TOTAL LENGTH.  Season runs from June 1 to Sept. 30.  1 per person/day or 3 per vessel/day if there are 3 or more individuals on the vessel.

Federal - 36" minimum size
FORK LIFT.  1 per person/day or 6 fish per vessel per day, whichever is more restrictive.

So here's the deal according to Maryland DNR.  If you catch a cobia in federal waters and it measures at least 36-inches fork length, but less than 40-inches in total length, you are OK as long as you don't stop and fish in state waters.

12:53 PM - This weeks Coastal Fisherman is on the streets and it is loaded with pictures from the White Marlin Open and from anglers not in the tournament as well.

Emily Steuernagle caught  48-inch houndfish at Russell's Reef.

 Jake Heist caught his first keeper flounder, a 19-incher, while fishing with live minnows in the Indian River.

Garrett Hoffman caught 2 flounder in the East Channel on live Bunker.  Fished the outgoing tide. Largest measured 10 1/2-inches.

3:18 PM - The flounder were really snapping for anglers fishing on the headboat, "Morning Star" today.   Pool winner was a 20-incher.  Fish ate mostly squid with cut bait and clams close behind.  They fished mainly wrecks.

On the "Saltwater Adventures", Brooke Marshall caught her first flounder, a fat 21-incher, while fishing in the East Channel.  Brooke and her fishing buddies had 1 keeper and 9 throwbacks.

TUESDAY, August 14, 2018

It was pretty calm on shore today, but reports I received from anglers who fished inshore said the seas were nasty.

On the headboat, "Morning Star", junior angler Conner Vaughan caught a couple of nice size sea bass to take the pool.  He caught 6 knotheads on clams on an ocean wreck.

Kerry Nave caught a 20-inch, 3 lb. flounder behind Harbour Island while using minnows for bait.

Back on 8/11, anglers on the "Makomecrazy" caught and released a sailfish at the Hambone on a trolled ballyhoo.

John Evans caught a 22-inch flounder on an ocean wreck while using white Gulp for bait.

Yesterday, the flounder were snapping for anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star".  Capt. Monty reported some limits around the rail.

MONDAY, August 13, 2018

8:01 AM - Nice day today. We heard about the Delaware state record cobia caught last Friday by John Burbage while fishing only a mile or so off the Bethany coast.  There were a couple cobia caught yesterday a little further south of there and the reports that I have been getting is that there have been a good number of fish seen cruising the surface and heading towards OC.   They are sitting under schools of bunker.  Tossing them a live eel, live bunker or bucktail tipped with Gulp seems to do the trick.

Late report:  Last Friday, Anglers on "Scales & Tails" caught a 60 lb. wahoo in 30 fathoms outside the Hot Dog on a Squidnation Flippy Floppy.

Yesterday, Madison Jones caught a 65 lb. cobia on a bucktail tipped with a Gulp while fishing only a mile off Ocean City.

Yesterday, Alex McDougal caught a 7 lb. 4 oz. flounder on a bucktail at an artificial reef.  She was fishing on the headboat, "Angler".

Yesterday, Zack Odachowski caught and released his first white marlin and Dan Hagan releaed his first blue marlin.  Both in the Baltimore Canyon.

Yesterday, Chris Clasing, Scott Clasing and Morgan McGovern caught 5 keeper flounder (17 1/4-19 1/2) during the first 2 hours of the outgoing tide in the West Channel, south of the Rt. 50 Bridge.  All were caught on live bunker.

Yesterday, Nicky and Cross Ferrara were at it again, chasing down cobia crusing the surface off the Fenwick coast.    They caught and released a pair after hooking them on live eels.

Yesterday, "Charlee Som caught a 22-inch flounder on a white Gulp in the East Channel.

SUNDAY, August 12, 2018

10:04 AM - Congratulations to all the participants in this years WMO.  It was great to see quite a few local boats come to the scale with nice catches.

The winning boat, "Weldor's Ark" took back a lot of lettuce.. $2,584,000 worth for their 83 lb. white marlin that beat out the 83 pounder caught on the "Underdog" through a tiebreaker.  The "Weldor's Ark" white wasn't gaffed, but the "Underdog" fish was.

Congratulations to John Burbage of Ocean View, DE for catching a 79.4 lb. cobia while fishing with live bunker 1.5 miles off the coast of Bethany.  Although Delaware doesn't have a category for cobia in their State Record listing on their website, I understand they are considering adding one.

Delaware follows federal regulations in regard to cobia.  Minimum size is 36 inches and anglers are allowed to keep 1 fish per day or 6 fish per vessel/per day, whichever is more restrictive. 

Maryland regulations are a little more restrictive.  Minimum size is 40-inches and anglers are allowed 1 fish per person or 3 per vessel per day if there are 3 oer more individuals on the vessel.   Leave it up to Maryland to make things more difficult.

The flounder bite on ocean reefs and wrecks is really heating up.  I have received several photos in the last couple of days of anglers with 5+ lb. flatties.

The big Paradise Grill Flounder Tournament starts on August 15th and runs throught the 19th.

5:13 PM - Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" had good flounder action with fish caught on cut bait, squid, Gulp and clams on natural and artificial reefs.  The largest flounder of the day measured 19-inches.

Tyler Vogel caught his first keeper flounder while fishing with his grandfather, Don Vogel and his uncle, Jim McWhinney.  They caught 4 keepers in the bay behind Assateague.

On the headboat, "Judith M", angler Sidney Jones caught his very first fish, a croaker, at Purnell's Reef.  Madison Cackowski caught a small weakfish,also on squid and clams at Purnell's.

Rich Daiker and Kenny Schoen caught their limit of 8 flounder by the Rt. 50 Bridge this morning during the incoming tide.  Fish ranged from 17 to 23-inches.  All on live bunker.

David Napieralski caught his first flounder, a 19-incher, in the West Channel south of the Rt. 50 Bridge.  Used a white Gulp Swimming Mullet for bait.

On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", angler Mark Levinrad caught a 26 1/2-inch, 7 lb. 2 oz. flounder in 100 feet of water.  He used a jig tipped with an Otter Tail.

On the charter boat, "Get Sum" anglers returned from their morning trip with 4 flounder in the box, measuring up to 18-inches.  Fish were caught on white Gulp in the Fishbowl and the East Channel.

Shaynaand Caleb Machamer caught a pair of 18-inch flounder in the bay behind Assateague Island.

FRIDAY, August 10, 2018

Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" have had some good flounder fishing trips lately and today was no exception with fish up to 23 1/2-inches caught on an artificial reef.

Anglers on the charter boat, "On the Run" hit some ocean reef sites and returned with 5 keeper flounder measuring up to 18-inches.

Debbie and Preston Walls took a couple of relatives to the East Channel where they fished the end of the incoming tide nad the beginning of the outgoing.  They ended up with 15 keeper flounder on live bunker.

Chris Clasing and Joe Dinisio fished the East and West channels in the morning and ended up with 5 keeper flounder between 17 1/2 and 19 1/2-inches.  All were caught on live bunker during the outgoing tide.  Chris also caught and released his first cobia afer hooking it on a bunker in the West Channel, south of the Rt. 50 Bridge.

Anglers on the charter boat, "On the Run" had a pair of keeper flounder during their late day trip.  Largest measuried 22-inches and weighed 4 lbs.

Shauna and Lena Bulalrd caught a pair of flounder while fishing on the "Happy Hooker".

9:57 PM - I just returned from the scales on the final day of the White Marlin Open.  With 335 boats fishing today, setting a single-day WMO record, we weren't surprised that the scales were as busy as they were.  Here is what we saw:

"Top Notch" arrived with a 67-inch, 57.5 lb. white marlin that didn't meet the 70 lb. minimum weight requirement.

"Welder's Ark" had a great day fishing in the Norfolk Canyon where they recorded a white marlin release in addition to weighing a pair.  Gary Johnson caught a 71.5 lb. white marlin and Pascual Jimenez caught an 83 pounder that tied the "Underdog" for weight, but won the tie-breaker, putting them in 1st place.  Since the 83 pounder WAS NOT gaffed, but the one caught on the "Underdog" WAS gaffed, the "Welder's Ark" wins the tie breaker.  The fish is worth an estimated $2,584,000 in award money.  The white caught on the "Underdog" is worth an estimated $129,700 in award money.

"Over-Board" weighed a 63 lb. wahoo caught by Kevin Graybill inshore of the Rockpile that vaulted them into 1st place in the Wahoo Division.

"Bare Necessities" weighed a 25 lb. dolphin caught by John O'Donnell in the Baltimore Canyon.

"Game Over" weighed a 59.5 lb. yellowfin tuna caught by Ken Doody near the

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